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Fix My Car has pledged to take care of your cars engine with its advanced maintenance techniques. We offer our car mechanic services in Dubai that have been designed with a strategic approach to analyze the engines issues, performance and mileage of your vehicle. Our mechanics are highly trained to fix your vehicular problems in quickest time possible with 100% desired results. We expect to see your smile when you drive away the car from our garage. Our car mechanic services include certain essential steps to monitor, analyze and repair the issues in a smart and accountable manner. Our car mechanic services include:

Vehicle Exterior

  • Engine oil and filter change
  • Accessory drive belt inspection
  • Metering oil pump inspection
  • Idle speed check
  • Fuel filter replacement
  • Carburetor float level replacement
  • Engine compression pressure check
  • Carburetor linkage lubrication and inspection
  • Ignition timing check
  • Spark plug wires inspection
  • Exhaust pipe flange bolt inspection
  • Thermal reactor inspection
  • Coolant hoses inspection
  • Air pump inspection
  • Distributor cam inspection
  • Rotor and condensers check

We take every aspect in account when examining your engine for possible issues. This allows us to note the maximum engine issues and we can suggest you better car mechanical solutions that fix the issues quickly. Our team of car engine experts then initiates its operations once all the possible problems have been identified. We work with a deadline and a transparent work pattern so you can get your vehicle back exactly as we quote you the maintenance time. For your ease, we offer our car mechanic services in Dubai 24/7 a week and even provide our services at your doorsteps. We have kept our prices very competitive and within your budget so you can benefit from the best car mechanic services in Dubai without worrying about expensive car maintenance costs.

Brands We Specialize In

We believe in transparency ,timely delivery and building customer loyalty .

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Why Fix My Car

Fix My Car aspires to remain your #1 choice for all auto repair solutions in Dubai. Over the years, we have successfully cultivated loyal customers that believe in our service quality. We add certain qualities in our services that make us the top choice of our valued customers that are described below:

Certified Technicians

We have a team of certified auto technicians that evaluate your car’s core problems and fix them ASAP.

24/7 Availability

Sensing the need of professional car maintenance services in Dubai, we operate 24/7 to provide you continuous support.

Feasible Pricing

To keep our auto repairing services accessible to a wider range of customers, we’ve kept the prices reasonable.

Customer Satisfaction

One of the reasons that we have retained our old customers with us for so long is that we stick with the work until we see the smile on their face.

Innovative Solutions

We believe in finding new and effective solutions instead of repeating old ineffective auto repair solutions.

Advanced Facility

We work from a state-of-the-art workshop that has everything at our disposal that we need later in the process.

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